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Pleasantly ensconced within the gentle blue confines of the October number of the Yale Review is an article by Professor Abbott of Harvard on the democracies and dictators. There he shows that it is possible for America to give up Congress and Coolidge for the muzzzling but methodical rule of some domestic dictator. Nor does one dare to disagree with Mr. Abbott on this point. There will come a time when politicians will be purloined of their progress and heads will fall before the aggressive decisions of a representative to that permanent future of governmental change the chopping block.

Yet it will not be because of any sane conviction that protection is better than liberty, that inequality in equality is too devastating a method of existence. Rather will it be the direct result of a good advertising campaign, backed by Butter and Eggers, outlined by gentlemen from a New York or Gopher Praicie agency, land dependent for its success upon the credulity of some and the sense of humor, of the rest.

What the half element in American life does not affect, those with a "sense of humor" accomplish. Indeed, if all of the people in this country, instead of intelligence tests, were given humor tests, and the successful sunk in the western ocean, Gertrude Ederle could walk to Honolulu and Italy colonize in the Middle West. That great fault in the genus Americans, an over developed sense of humor plue that blessing of a youthful nation, credulity--those two factors are enough to march a dictator's army up the steps of the White House and make the presidential silence a myth. Togas avasi, of the dictator has good publicity.

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