With the championship of the Massachusetts Squash Racquets Association in their possession for the fourth successive season, the Crimson racquet men are looking forward to the opening of the National Team Championship tournament which they have won for the last two years. This year the title clash will be held in Detroit on February 20, 21, and 22. Last year the officials of the national body decided against allowing players to compete in both the team and the individual championships, and as a result the members of the University team will not have a chance at the individual title.

British team is entered

An interesting feature of the tournament is the entrance of a crack team from Great Britain, which is on a tour throughout this country. In a recent match against the New York Squash Racquets Club players, V. A. Cazalet, the number one man, defeated W. P. Dixon '25. American champion for the past two years, in straight games.

Captain H. N. Rawlins '27, P. M. Lenhart '27, H. B. Jackson '27, J. L. Pool '28, E. D. Pratt '27 and W. O. Iselin '29 will represent the University at Detroit. A series of test matches, which will be played between now and the time of departure, may change this ranking. A substitute player will be taken. Coach W. L. Cowles and L. H. Gordon '27, manager, will accompany the players.

Although no undergraduates will compete for the individual title, the Crimson will be represented by W. P. Dixon '25, former star on the University five, and defender of the title, and R. S. Wright '26, number one mar on last year's championship team. G. D. Debevoise '26. Crimson captain last year, will play on the New York Squash Racquets Club team for team honors.


The University racquet wielders now hold two legs on the trophy, and a victory this year will make them outright holders of the cup. Last year the Harvard court men swept aside all opposition in the first two rounds, winning by clean sweeps. They continued their triumphal progress in the semifinals and finals when they defeated both the Bosten and Philadelphia teams by a four to one count.

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