Fund Figures Show That 10,000 Men of Harvard Have Become 48,000—Massachusetts Claims Third of Alumni

The Ten Thousand Men of Harvard have become the 48000. A survey of the alumni, made by the Harvard Fund Council, gives the number of alumni in each state, and shows the total to be 47,992. Almost a third of the alumni is in Massachusetts at the present time. Eleven thousand, in round numbers, living in Greater Boston. In New England as a whole, there are 19,451 graduates.

Nearly 500 have their homes in New York City. New York State is second to Massachusetts, with 7,482 Harvard graduates located in that state. The far West offers both the third heaviest concentration of alumni, and the least dense distribution. California holds 1,929 Harvard men, while Nevada, bordering California on the east, has only 22 Harvard graduates. Pennsylvania is fourth among the states with 1,908 alumni. Illinois and Ohio have 1,690 and 1,652 Harvard men respectively. New Jersey, with 1049 graduates in its confines, is the only remaining state with over 1000 alumni.

There are 2,167 Harvard men living in foreign countries. This survey must be understood as referring only to present address, not to nationality.

The Fund Council sends its pictorial publication. "The Yard," to every alumnus. This paper published two or three times a year, prints pictures of undergraduate life at the University. The next issue will appear on November 5.

The complete list follows: Massachusetts, 15,906: New Hampshire, 642; Vermont, 214; Maine, 792; Connecticut, 991; Rhode island, 852. Total for New England, 19,451.

The other states have Harvard alumni in the following numbers: Alabama, 146; Arizona, 58; Arkansas, 104; California, 1,929; Colorado, 273; Delaware, 88; District of Columbia, 876; Florida, 263; Georgia, 247; Idaho, 62; Illinois, 1,690; Indiana, 459; Iowa, 387; Kansas, 176; Kentucky, 201; Louisiana, 123; Marvland, 422; Michigan, 570; Minnesota, 539; Mississippi, 48; Missouri, 689; Montana, 85; Nebraska, 170; Nevada, 22; New Jersey, 1,049; New Mexico, 35; New York, 7,482; North Carolina, 255; North Dakota, 45; Ohio, 1,652; Oklahoma, 131; Oregon, 237; Pennsylvania, 1,908; Phillipino Islands, 40; South Carolina, 115; South Dakota, 44; Tennessee, 175; Texas, 357; Utah, 111; Virginia, 240; Washington, 337; West Virginia, 154; Wisconsin, 369; Wyoming, 33.