Not "Can he play football?" but "Can he dance?" is the question the college girl asks today. No admiring throng of females trails the football heroes from the Stadium. The husky halfback who risks his neck and limbs for his alma mater might just as well spend his time learning the black bottom, as far as the girls are concerned. . . .

. . . Are Harvard men good dancers? Quite good, on the whole. They go in for slow dreamy waltzes and hesitation steps. Tech men are lost at a tea dance. If they have plenty of room, they manage to get along, but they are better mechanicians than dancers.

Dancing with most B. U. men, the girls say, is back breaking. "They make you lean back so that you have a backache and a stiff neck the next day. They dance rather well, though."

Dartmouth men might use dancing for training--heavy college, much athletic and lots of space--"heavy bim," to use the slang phrase. But the college girls give the prize to the M. A. C. boys. They have more chance than Tech men have, and more co-eds to practise on. --The Springfield News.

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