GIVEN FOR YEAR Confer Bonaparte Award Upon A. S. Reinhart--Granted for Highest Standing in Government

In recognition of exceptional character, leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability, the Francis H. Burr Scholarship for the current year has just been awarded to John Pierce Chase '28 of Milton, it was announced yesterday by Dean A. C. Hanford, Ph.D. '23, who also announced that the Charles Joseph Bonaparte Scholarship for marked ability in the study of American government had been awarded to Alfred Seymour Reinhart '28, of Dorchester.

The Burr scholarship is awarded to the undergraduate who, by the middle of his third year, has combined as nearly as possible the remarkable qualities of the late Francis H. Burr '09, of whom in 1911 President Lowell wrote in the memorial life of Burr presented with the scholarship "It seems to me that the tone of athletics, and of the whole student body, has been higher of late years than in the past, and that Francis Burr was one of the moving factors in the change."

The Bonaparte scholarship is awarded to the student concentrating in Government who has the highest academic standing in that subject at the end of his Junior year.