In the Graduate Schools

School of Architecture Announces Display Open to University

An exhibit of the drawings at present being prepared in the competition between students of the Architectural School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and members of the Boston Architectural Club will be open to members of the University in the old Fogg Museum next Wednesday. This is the first year the exhibit has been given at the University.

The drawings will be judged on Tuesday by a jury of award composed of practicing architects. Each of the three contesting institutions will be represented by two members on the jury of award, while the chairman will be a disinterested member of the architectural profession.

The subjects of the competition, which is divided into two parts, are "A Tea House," and "A Tourist's Office in a Summer Resort." The sketches are to be in water-color.

The jury of award is as follows:

Chairman, R. T. Bellows; Professor J. J. Haffner, and Professor J. F. Humphreys, of the Harvard Architectural School; Professor Jacque Carlu, and Professor H. W. Gardner, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and W. G. Perry, and J. F. Clapp, of the Boston Architectural Club.