1923 Crimson Captain Heads Powerful Array of Former College Players--Club as Yet Undefeated

HARVARD UNIVERSITY CLUB Tudor r.w.  l.w. Hodder Scott c.  c. Owen Zarakov l.w.  r.w. Everett Ellison r.d  l.d. Muloney Clark l.d.  r.d. Marshall Morrill g.  g. Fitzgerald

Fresh from their victory over Laval, the Crimson stickmen will take on the University club sextet, on the Arena ice at 8.15 this evening. In full swing again the Harvard puck chasers are expected to furnish the strong combination captained by George Owen '23 with the best opposition it has met this year.

The former Crimson captain and his sextet are as yet undefeated. Not only has every team in the amateur league succumbed before their attack, but notable victories have been achieve over college sextets. Yale among others, has suffered going down 7 to 1.

Three Former Captains to Start

The University club sextet is composed entirely of former college stars, in its first string lineup, and the entire squad includes but two men who did not play college hockey. The opening face-off will find the Crimson opposed by three former college captains. Owen of Harvard, at center, Everett of Dartmouth at right wing, and Fitzgerald of Boston College at goal. Two other exceptions who will undoubtedly see action are E. M. Beals '25, and Gorden of Boston College.


This formidable combination has swept though all opposition thus far, amassing 34 points to its opponents six. Beside the regular teams scheduled in the amateur league, Boston College was defeated 2-0 and Boston University 5-0. A possible basis of comparison is shown in the scant 1-0 defeat suffered by the Terriers at the hands of the Crimson.

Concerning this evening's game, Owen said that his team expected to be faced with the stiffest opposition of its season, and had for some time been pointing toward the encounter.

Standing, as it does, as the head of American amateur sextets the University club will make a strong bid to represent the United States at the Olympic games in St. Moritz next winter.