In the Graduate Schools

Sanford and Bryce-Powell clubs Meet Next Friday

Complete plans and the judges for the final round of the Ames Competition in the Law School were announced yesterday by the committee in charge of the trials. The case will be tried in Langdell Hall Friday before the Honorable C.W. Pound of the New York Court of Appeals, who will act as chief-justice, Honorable D.E. Campbell of the Supreme Court of South Dakota, and W. L. Mecoy '82, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.

The opposing clubs which have won their way to the final round are Bryce-Powell, to be represented by C.G. Helmerdinger 3L. and M.E. Purnell 3L., and Sanford, represented by H.P. Carter 3L. and J.C. Toaz 3L. The case to be tried concerns an immigration question of great importance at the present time, on which no definite decision has been rendered in the Federal Courts.

Justice Pound was Professor of Law at Cornell and Counsel to the Governor of New York until he was appointed a Justice of the Eighth District Supreme Court in 1906. He was on that bench until 1915 when he filled a vacancy as Associate Judge of the Court of Appeals, to which post he was later elected, which he now fills. He is chairman of the committee to revise the Judiciary Article of the New York State Constitution.

Justice McCoy was a representative from New Jersey districts to the Sixty Second and Sixty-Third Congress. In 1916 he was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Washington D.C. Justice Campbell was appointed President of the Board of Education of Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1920, later pecoming city attorney there. In 1925 he was appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of South Dakota. He is coming East expressly to preside at the trial.