Freshmen Outclass Schoolboy Sextet in One-Sided Tilt--Ogden Scores Three Goals

Clearly outplaying the sextet from Belmont Hill throughout the game, which was played in the Arena yesterday afternoon, the Freshman skaters succeeded in netting a 12-0 victory over the schoolboys. In the warming up practice before the game, S. L. Batchelder '31, who was scheduled to play at right defense, received a slight injury, the puck hitting him in the eye, and was unable to take part in the game.

The Freshman squad contains several good individual players but there is a decided lack of teamwork. Of the few attempts made in passing, the majority proved futile and in the future it will be the chief work of Coach Joseph Michels to develop a coordinating team.

The outstanding first-year skater was R. S. Ogden, who succeeded in netting three of the 12 goals. The scoring was well divided throughout the three periods, the goals registering regularly from beginning to end. M. G. Gammack made several perfect stops in the cage.

The summary follows: HARVARD 1931  BELMONT HILL Pruyn, Jewell, r.w.  l.w., Pond, Hurlbut Putnam, Everett, c.  c., C. F. Martin, Elwell Watts, Baldwin, l.w.  r.w., R. Martin, Wheelwright, Baxter Batchelder, Richardson, r.d.  l.d., Kimball, Bartol Gammack, c.  c., Bacon

Score Harvard 12, Belmont Hill 0. Goals by: Pruyn 1, Batchelder 2, Ogden 3, Jewell 1, Baldwin 2, Putnam 3, Everett 1. Periods: Three 12 minute. Referee Bratt.