As part of the program of the Massachusetts University Extension Courses, which are given by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, six Harvard professors will be among the speakers who will give a series of eight lectures on "International Affairs." The lectures will begin Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, and will be given in the Lecture Hall of the Boston Public Library. The series will continue on each Tuesday thereafter. Provision has been made for those who wish to take the course as a college study, and to each person passing the course a credit value of one unit or one semester hour will be given.

Teachers who meet the requirements will be awarded a certificate containing a recommendation for college credit, signed by the Commissioner of Education and by the Director of the University Extension Courses.

The course is of college grade, and any student who desires to be recommended for credit will be expected to devote practically six hours a week to home study and required reading.

This course will be followed by a series of three lectures, under other auspices to be announced later, as follows: "Teaching of International Affairs", by Miss H. C. Millaer, Assistant Director of Miss Spence's School, New York City; "The Changing Spirit", by Sir Herbert Ames; "The Limitations of Armaments", by C. A. Herber, Editor of the Independent.

The list of the Lectures to begin Tuesday is as follows:

Tuesday, "America's Outlook in World Affairs", Professor F. B. Sayre of the Law School.

January 31--"Pan-Americanism", Professor C. H. Haring '07, professor of Latin-American History and Economics.

February 7--"The World Court", Professor G. G. Wilson of the Law School.

February 14--"Economics Conferences", R. W. Boyden '10, United States Representative to the Reparations Committee.

February 21--"Institute of Pacific Relations", Miss Ada Louise Comstock, President of Radcliffe College.

February 28--"Far East: China, Japan, Manchuria", Professor G. B. Roorbach, profesor of Foreign Trade in the Business School.

March 6--"Imperialism", Dr. E. C. Wynne, Lecturer on International Relations.

March 13--"League of Nations", Professor Manley O. Hudson, Bemis professor of International Law in the Law School.

The Chairman for the lectures will be Assistant Dean Mitchel Gratwick '22.