University of New York and Tufts College Announce Several-Range From $500 to $1000

Fellowships and scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000 are offered by the University of New York and Tufts College, it was announced to the CRIMSON last night by the department of English. The fellowships and scholarships are for graduates only, and provide for research in a number of fields. They are available for the year 1928-1929.

The ones offered by the New York University are for study in the fields of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Classical Languages and Archaeology, Economics, English, Fine Arts, German, Government, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Romance Languages and Sociology.

In addition to study in these fields, the New York University is offering five annual scholarships, each of a value of $1000 for study in Diplomacy, International Affairs, and Belles-Letters. These scholarships are made possible by the will of the late F. C. Pen field who gave $80,000 toward establishing a scholarship fund for the New York University. For these latter scholarships, candidates are asked to have had at least one year of graduate work to their credit.

The two fellowships which are offered by Tufts College, are worth $1000 and free tuition, and are offered for study in English only. The awards as in the case of New York University are offered without restriction to graduates of any college or university, but candidates for the Tuft's fellowships are expected to be preparing themselves to teach or to do some graduate work. Furthermore the winner of the award will be expected to do some teaching in the department of English.

Applicants for the New York University Scholarships should apply to Dean James Kendall, New York University, Graduate School, Washington Square East, New York City. Candidates for the Tufts Fellowships should apply before March 1, to Professor Charles Gott, Head of the department of English. Tufts College, Massachusetts.