To Take Over Course of Late Professor A. C. Coolidge '87

William Leonard Langer '15, Assistant Professor and Tutor in the Division of History, Government and Economics, will take the place left vacant by the late Professor A. C. Coolidge '87, as Professor in the Department of History, it was announced by Professor C. H. Moore '89, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, last night.

Professor Langer will take charge of History 30b, a course on Continental European History from 1871 to 1914. During the first half-year, he conducted History 30a, dealing with the same field between 1815 and 1870.

The other course which Professor Coolidge was scheduled to give was History 29a. Professor A. F. Pribram, visiting lecture from the University of Vienna, who was in charge of the class during Professor Coolidge's sickness in the first half year, will continue conducting the course.