King George-for-President Party Plans Active Week for Promulgation of Policies-Promises Free Spirits for All

The active political season at Harvard will be launched definitely this week with a rally and parade sponsored by the Harvard King George for President Club. According to "Number Ten," leader of the organization, when interviewed in the club's offices in Hollis 16, the motive spirit of this group of political enthusiasts is not anglomania, but a desire to give the American people what they really want in a president. "We have no need of circumlocution in our platform," stated the chief. "For instance, we promise an amalgamation of the United States and Canada, free spirits for all, tariff protection for bootleggers, an exchange of the Houses of Parliament for Memorial Hall, no more college politics, and a substitution of the Grenadler Guards for Harvard Yard cops. Our complete platform will be announced tomorrow, as well as our candidate for Vice president. I have been trying to induce Mrs. Mabel Walker Willebrandt to bolt the Republican party and join our standard, and I also have my eye on Henry Ford and Mayor Gillis of New buryport, although I doubt if the latter will be able to break his engagements in time for his inauguration if he should be elected.

"In any case, the world will have a chance to judge whether we have right on our side or not by tomorrow evening at 7 O'clock when we plan to hold a parade and mass meeting in Harvard Square.

"Of course, we fully realize the difficulties of our position, but we have no doubt that the well-known good sense of the average American voter will make him see the advantages of our offer."

When asked whether King George would be willing to leave London and enter on his duties in Washington, his supporter only smiled significantly and advised his interlocutor to be present at the rally.