Current Attractions

Shubert at 8.15-"The Queen's Taste". One morning the Queen found she had a cold, and consequently this didn't taste quite as bad to her as it did to us.

Majestic at 8.15-"The Silent House". The little Chinaman, the secret panel, your curiosity, and whoops there goes $2.75 up the spout.

Plymouth at 8.15-"Paris Bound". An interesting play, well acted.

Colonial at 8.10-"Americana". A spotty revue, with dubious humor and occasional good tunes.

Wilbur at 8.15-"Take The Air". Gosh, do we have to say something about this again? Its pretty good,-how's that? And if you want to know any more look in the Crimsons of last week, or the week before that, or the week before that.

Hoilis at 8.20-"Dracula". Casey at the Bat, or the vampire that wasn't Theda Bara.

Boston Opera House at 8.10-"The Big Fight". Jack Dempsey says "yes" and "no" alternately for two acts, and then in the third knocks the other guy for a loop.

Repertory at 8.20 "S. S. Incorporated". Reviewed in this issue.

Copley at 8.20 "The Bellamy Trall". Bellamy and Bon Ami, you know. You can wash windows with Bon Ami, but they tell us this is a play.