In the Graduate Schools

Funds to Aid Foreign Students Who are Studying International Law-Will Yield $24,000

Approximately $480,000 has been given to the Harvard Law School by Chester De Witt Pugsley '09 of Peekskill. New York, to be used on scholarships for students from all nations in international law, it was announced yesterday by Dean Roscoe Pound L.L.D. '90 of the Law School.

According to a letter from Mr. Pugsley, a trust fund is offered which would yield $24,000 a year. Law Students from various foreign countries and British self-governing dominions will be beneficiaries for a year's study in international law and related subjects at Harvard.

The new scholarship is established, according to Mr. Pugsley's letter to Dean Pound, in honor of his father, Cornelius A. Pugsley, and his mother, Mrs. Emma Catherine Gregory Pugsley. The recipients of these awards will be designated by the governments of their native countries. In case of default of such official designation, the dean of the Law School will be empowered to select a qualified foreign student.

In his letter, Mr. Pugsley said he desired to make the Harvard Law School "an international law school with colleges and nations of the entire, world represented in its body."

In 1920 Mr. Pugsley established four scholarships for the study of international law at Harvard two of which are held this year by Walter Hug and Stephen Czaho. These scholarships, like those just given, are open only to foreign students. This fall Mr. Pugsley notified Dean Pound that the yearly award on these four scholarships was to be increased to $300 a year, due to the appreciation of the investments.

Mr. Pugsley graduated from Harvard College in 1909, and from the Law School in 1912. He is vice president of the Westchester Country National Bank of Peekskill.