To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

It was with great pleasure that I read your fearless denunciation of the corrupt Republican machine in today's Crimson. I could not appreciate the amount of pressure that must have been brought to bear upon you in printing this editorial had I not received the following note from a gentleman high up in elephant circles:

"I suggest you write paper stating about as follows-'I did not expect you take my letter of yesterday as seriously as you did, for it was only meant as a joke. I am on the membership commence of the Hoover-for-President Club and my signature on the club paper is bona fide.'"

Now far be it from me to refuse this simple request, but I owe it to myself, not to say to Thousands of trusting widows and orphans, to correct one or two details in this very illuminating letter.

I did not intend that my letter should be taken, as a joke, for though none would be quicker to appreciate a bon mot than myself. I cannot in all truth my that I see anything funny about forgery. In this stand I am substantiated by several banks and penal institutions.

I am not-decidedly not-a member to the Membership Committee of the Hoover-for-President Club and allow me to remark in passing that I would not wish my worst enemy to be condemned to such a fate. R. C. B.

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