A column contributed by the Music Box devoted to criticism of records.

It indeed seems that an obscure band called "Paul Whitman Orch," have made something very marvelous and quite terrific. Two twelve inch records carry the four parts of METROPOLIS. Some details: By Ferdie Grof and Rube Bloom. Composers at the pianos. Cynical-blue-tragic-droll. Part three most interesting. Vocal work like unto nothing I have ever before heard in all my life.

JESSE CRAWFORD resolute and skillful organist for that temple of cinema the PARAMOUNT has once more recorded for Victor and this time. It is HIGH HAT and TEN LITTLE MILES FROM TOWN. Werry goot.

AL JOLSON has a new picture which is no doubt packing them in on that suburb of Cambridge known as B'way. From it come SONNY BOY and BEGGARS OF LIFE. They have a wistful swing that will assure their acceptance.

TWO TWO BEST SELLING ALBUMS are Rimsky-Korsakov's SCHEHEREZADE and TSCHAIKOWSKI'S NUTCRACKER SUITE. And justly. Both by the Philadelphia orchestra.

"Another One of those Things" is LADY WHIPPORWILL from CROSS MY HEART on the Columbia. Procedure: listen to it five times. Then try and stop whistling.

OKEH produces two piano solos. RUBE BLOOM'S "That Futuristic Rag" and "Serenata", and Organ Grinder Blues" and Wildflower Rag"

FANTASIA AND FUGUE ON B. A. C. H. rendered on the organ of Westminster Cathedral for the English Gramaphone Co. by Guy Weitz is interesting. One of those tremendous things that ties you into a knot.

Irving Berlin's latest is ROSES OF YESTERDAY and is done nicely by Paul Whiteman for Columbia.

POSSIBLY THE AWFULLEST YET is "SWEETHEART LOVE" and MY ANGEL" as conceived and expressed by the Okeh Melodians.

SCHUBERT'S Blossom Time, recorded in Europe for Victor is the months best dollar and a quarter's worth. Next!

JOE VENUTI is unpardonable. THE MAN FROM THE SOUTH proves it. So does his "TAINT SO HONEY, "TAINT SO.

FRANK CRUMIT, soulful-songster of comic balads has produced "Bride's Lament" and "Jack is Every Inch a Sailor". The funniest thing about them is that when written, they weren't supposed to be funny.

PARADISE (Waring's Penns) -GRIEVING (Whiteman). The last has an interesting subdued vocal refrain. Not bad.

VALKYRE, Fire Music. Parts I & II Coats Symphony Orchestra. Marvelous-thrilling.