The Crimson Playgoer


Bebe Daniels Stacs in a Light Picture While Ted Lewis and His Band Carry Off the Stage Honors.

Bebe Daniels, the feminine funner is on view this week at the Keith-Albee Memorial Theatre in "Take Me Home." A comedy of the chorus girl and the yokel boy-friend, this picture manages to be quite funny in spots, and at least has the pleasing feature of being constantly on the move. With no plot to speak of, the picture does not suffer as the cavortings of the Bebe and Joe Brewn suffice.

This last-named is a convert from musical comedy, and does himself proud on the now seldom silent screen. Joe is known principally for his mouth, the largest in captivity. It extends from ear to ear and part way back again.

The stage headliner is Ted Lewis, assisted by his band. Fresh from a summer abroad, Lewis has more than his former dose of pomposity. But be that as it may, his music is A1. If you like a good slow beat, suddenly broken up by Tiger Rag or such. Ted Lewis is the man to give it to you. Emphasis on the brass has always been uppermost, both in the band and in Lewis' personality.