The Student Vagabond

This afternoon the Vagabond finds himself with no choice but to follow the crowd to the Union to watch the turn of the tide reflect on the grid-graph. Lesser considerations must stand aside as the backs go tearing by. Rarely does the Vagabond feel the urge of mob psychology, that inexplicable longing to go and do likewise, but stirring considerations like those afoot today whirl him willy-nilly to the Union. In connection with this subject the Vagabond finds that there are some interesting lectures which he recommends.


1.45 o'clock

"There Are Two Changes in the Harvard Lineup", Mr. Morris, Cheering section of Yale Bowl.

2 o'clock

"The Winning to The West", Mr. McNamme, Union 1.

3.15 o'clock

"Football Games and How They Are Won", Mr. Horween, Visitors dressing room of the Yale Bowl.

"Football Games and How They Are Won", Mr. Stevens, Yale dressing room of the Yale Bowl.

5 o'clock

"A discussion of some phases of Obvious Misplay" (It was not possible at the time the Crimson went to press to announce which of two organizations were to sponsor this lecture, but it will surely be given: announcements in regard to time and place will be given later.

7 o'clock

"Into the Great Beyond", Mr. Joseph Dube, Hotel Taft, New Haven, Connecticut.