The Student Vagabond

As a measure towards cooling brows that may still be fevered after the national sweepstakes which came to an end last Tuesday the Vagabond recommends attendance at a lecture to be given by Professor Murdock in Harvard 2 at 10 o'clock this morning on "Benjamin Franklin." The first few strenuous years of the nations history brought forth many great men but Franklin is in many ways the most interesting of all. Washington still exists for most people as an idealized and almost superhuman character; Hamilton seems aristocratic and haughty and Jefferson is chiefly associated nowadays with various obscure principles dealing with "states rights". But what we know of Franklin from the homely wisdom of his Almanac; the curiosity that led him to make an experiment with lightning and kites that later electrocuted and imitator of it and the stories of his success at the French court crates a pictures of a great diplomat who was still unaffected and interested in the problems that perplex all of us. Professor Murdock will speak of Franklin this morning and also at the same time and place on Saturday.

Recommended lectures for today are as follows:


9 o'clock

"Mussolini's Corporate State," Professor Eliot Sever 5.

10 o'clock

"Benjamin Franklin," Professor Murdock Harvard 2.

11 o'clock

"Dryden", Professor Murray Harvard 3.

"Walther von der Vogelweide", Professor Howard, Sever 6.

"The Meaning of Music", Professor Pratt Emerson 27.

12 o'clock

"The Covenant of The League of Nations," Professor Wynne Harvard 3.

"Mechanics of Cell Divisions", Professor Rand Zoology Lavoratory 46.

"Diderot and Roussean," Professor Rabbitt Sever 11.