Two Thousand Dollar Gift Will Send Argentine Student to Harvard--Two Years Study Provided For

Acting on behalf of the Associated Harvard Clubs, Herbert Hoover Hon. '17 presented to the University of Buenos Aires on Saturday a scholarship, valued at $2000 a year, to be granted to a student from that university for study at Harvard. The gift was accepted for the Argentinian university by its president, Ricardo Rojas.

According to the text of the resolution by the Associated Harvard Clubs when the gift was voted, it is intended to foster good-will and mutual understanding between the oldest University in the United States and the largest and one of the oldest in South America. The fellowship will bring a student to Harvard for two years, beginning in 1929. The gift was announced in Boston yesterday by H. M. Williams, '85, President of the Associated Harvard Clubs.

The gift, which provides for advanced study for two years, will be known as the Harvard Fellowship. It will be open to all men in the University of Buenos Aires; for that institution, unlike American colleges, has only graduate schools of professional character.

Of the Committee, which was chosen by the Associated Harvard Clubs to arrange the details of the gift, the chairman is E. E. Hunt '10. C. H. Haring '07, Professor of Latin-American History and Economics was called upon by the Committee to assist them.

There have been many Argentine scholars in residence at Harvard in past years and this gift will only further a tendency which has been noted since the war. Previous to that time, Argentina looked to Europe for its educational precedents, but Professor Haring remarks, in his letters to the Committee, upon the new interest in the United States manifested by Argentineans.