Average of Four to Five Tallies a Game Is Record So Far--Giddens Leads With Nine to Credit

The University Hockey team will take to the ice for its first practice after a layoff during the mid-year examination period, this afternoon, preparing to meet two rival outfits next week.

On the evening of Thursday, February 9, a game is scheduled with St. Francis Xavier, in the Boston Arena. Two days later, on Saturday February 11, the puck-chasers will pack their skates and sticks to Journey to Buffalo where they are to play against the Nichols Hockey Club.

After these two contests, the most important matches of the season, with Dartmouth and Yale follow in quick succession. In view of the fact that one half of the season is already over, it is of interest to study the results which have been attained up to date.

The University team has played seven games; of these five have been won, one has been lost, and one tied. Adding up all the tallies made by Harvard during the season, one obtains the result of 32 goals, making an average of four to five goals a game. The sum total of the opponents' scores amounts to 12 goals, or an average of less than two tallies for each game.

The scoring is led by F. R. G. Giddens '29, playing at right wing, who has nine tallies to his credit. Captain J. P. Chase '28, John Tudor '28, playing center and left wing respectively, are his close seconds with seven goals each. W. T. Wetmore '30, who plays at left wing and was Captain of last year's Freshman sextet has netted the puck four times.