Chairman of Committee to Raise Funds for Chapel Issues Statement -- Will Express Attitude Later

A poll of Harvard's 48,000 alumni on what they believe would be the most suitable war memorial for the University will be made, according to a statement issued last night by a committee of Harvard Alumni.

The committee of New York men is composed of F. R. Appleton '75, T. W. Slocum '90, and Owen Wister '82. The committee was organized to clarify and get some definite opinion on the question of a war memorial. Circular letters are going to be sent to all alumni clubs throughout the country. A final verdict is expected to be reached in May and to be given formal publicity at the annual meeting of the Associated Harvard Clubs.

The committee went on to say that by no means would they oppose a new chapel if the University was in real need of one. But, they claim, the University is in no need of a new chapel, and that a new chapel "would not be a lasting, artistic, inspiring, and suitable war memorial." In this attitude they believe they are supported by a majority of the alumni body.

At a late hour last night the CRIMSON was able to get a statement from Allston Burr '89, chairman of the committee in charge of raising the funds for a war memorial chapel. Mr. Burr's statement read as follows: "In regard to the report of the New York committee I have decided not to say anything now. But I have been able to consult other members of the committee on raising funds to build a University church which have now reached a total of $750,000 and it is probable that a definite statement will be made later."