Fourteen Clubs Added to List of Second Round Qualifiers

The Pound Club, with 28 points, the Warren Club, with 27 1-2, the Cardozo Club, with 27 1-2, and the George Gray Club, with 26 3-4 points, have been the only first year law clubs to win all of their four arguments, according to a recent announcement of the results of the interclub series of arguments among the first year men. The Austin, Bryce, and Scott Law Clubs won three arguments and tied one, while 12 clubs, the Brandeis, Butler, Chafee, Frankfurter, Hand, Holmes, Langdell, Lincoln, Sanford, J. Smith, Sutherland, and Westengard, won three of their arguments.

On the basis of reports which have been submitted by the clerks of the first year law clubs, the Board of Advisers has added the following clubs, in addition to the 33 announced last week, to the list of those who have qualified for the second year round of the Ames Competition: Sutherland, Gladstone, Sayre, Scott, Hudson, Macclesfield, Harlan, Magruder, Van Devanter, Seavey, George Gray, Frankfurter, Beale, and Parke.

Work in the Ames Competition is carried on by men in all three classes of the Law School. In the first year, the students are organized into clubs of about eight men each. During the first year in the Law School, cases are argued among members of the same club, and later club members pair off and take on the representatives of a rival club in interclub arguments, the results of which have just been announced.