The Student Vagabond

Lectures of interest to be given today and tomorrow as follows:


9 O'clock

"The Puritan Revolution," Professor Merriman, New Lecture Hall.

"The Public Domain," Professor Burbank, Harvard 6.

"Eighteenth Century Formal Gardens in France and other European Countries." Professor Perry, Robinson Hall.

"Races and Cultures of Africa." Professor Tozzer, Semitic Museum 1.

10 O'clock

"Karl Marx," Professor Mason, Harvard 1.

11 O'clock

"French Gothic Architecture," Professor Edgell, New Fogg Lecture Hall.

12 O'clock

"Portuguese Exploration: 1460-1486," Professor Usher, Widener M.


10 O'clock

"Whittier," Professor Murdock, Harvard 1.

"The Treaty of Washington," Professor Baxter, Harvard 2.

"Russia's Expansion in Asia under Nicholas 1," Professor Karpovich, Sever 21.

"Evolution," Professor Perry, Emerson A.