The four University crews will venture on the rough water of the Charles River Basin at 3 o'clock this afternoon for the first full distance race of the spring. Weather permitting, Coach E. J. Brown '96 plans to settle today the question of supremacy among the recently rearranged A, B, C, and D crews by a regulation mile and three quarters test. The starting point for the crews will be determined by the direction and force of the wind. If the Basin proves unnavigable, the four eights will be launched upstream for short practice brushes.

The boat favored by the statistics to win the inter-squad regatta is the one stroked by Captain John Watts '28, the pace-maker for Crew C. The four stern oarsmen of this shell, Watts, Guy Murchie '29, Oliver Ames '28, and B. J. Harrison '29 are more powerful and experienced than any of the other combinations.

Crew D, stroked by James Lawrence '29, has shown, however, enough form in its recent cruises to make any prediction of this afternoon's result uncertain.

Crew A will be handicapped in the distance grind by the absence of P. W. Wilson '30 and C. S. Petrusch '30 from the 5 and 7 seats. The substitutes for these men have not yet been named. A. C. Gray '30 will set the stroke for Crew A.

C. McK, Norton '29 is still out of action owing to illness and his position at 3 on Crew B will be taken by an alternate. This boat is still regarded as a strong contender against the favored eights C and D. M. R. Brownell '30 is the stroke for the B crew.

Since the switch in the boatings on March 28, the new combinations have not had weather favorable enough to allow of any competitive races, and the regatta this afternoon will give the first opportunity for ranking the University fleet. In the informal skirmishes of the earlier part of the season. Crew C. stroked by Lawrence, proved its superiority.

Three of the University 150 pound crews also take to the water today with a clash on the upper reaches of the Charles, scheduled for them. These boats, stroked by James de Normandie '29, F. B. Lee '29 and N. C. Faxon '30 are rated very evenly. The outcome of their competition this afternoon will probably lead to a shift in the seatings preliminary to the picking of the regular first two crews on April 14.