Yale Team Has Three Goal Handicap Over Crimson--University Riders Have Won Two Previous Matches

The University polo team will meet Yale in the semi-final round of the intercollegiate championship Class B tournament of the U. S. Indoor Polo Association, at the Squadron A Armory in Brooklyn tonight at 8.30 o'clock. With its victory over the Eased Troop trio, rep-resenting the New Jersey circuit, last Wednesday night, the Crimson team climbed into the semi-finals to face Yale who has defeated Squadron A, representing the New York circuit.

The Crimson riders were defeated in the first round of the tournament for Class A teams by Pennsylvania Military, College, thereby losing the opportunity to meet the Blue team during that session. In the Class B tournament for teams handicapped between nine and 12 goals, both teams have been successful. The Crimson however will face the Yale horsemen with a three goal handicap, since the University trio is handicapped 12 points while Yale loses only nine.

The handicap goals per players are apportioned as follows: Harvard--Cotton 2, White 4, Clark 6; Yale--Wallop 3, Phipps 2, Baldwin 3, assumed 1. The scores for the previous two Yale games that have been played during the winter season have been in Harvard's favor 18 1-2 to 3 1-2, and 15 1-2 to 9 1-2. Harvard, on these two occasions has met the Blue under no handicap ratings. HARVARD  YALE Cotton, No. 1  No. 1, Wallop White, No. 2  No. 2, Phipps Clark, Back  Back, Baldwin