Galsworthy's Last Drama Pleasantly Rendered by Howard and Company--An Unlikely Second Episode

Mr. Galsworthy has stated that he has written his last drama, and that henceforth his literary endeavors will be directed only to the writing of prose. If he does not change his mind, the theatre going public is certain to suffer, for the touch of an artist is seen in the writing of such a production as 'Escape", now playing at the Plymouth.

This opisodic play, the story of which hinges around the life of an innocent but convicted murder, is well written and well produced. The cynosure throughout is Matt Denant in the form of Leslie Howard, the escaped convict with whom all sympathy lies--especially the sympathy of the ladies. He and the other artists portray their roles with vitality and emotion, though never fall into the melodramatic. With the exception of the second episode which is highly improbable the production is made lifelike and real. One does not wonder that the devoutly religious lady protects the convict with a lie, and that the parson is prevented from doing so only by the escape himself who "plays cricket"--gives himself up. Any of the audience would have done likewise.

The scenery is adequate, does not detract from other actors, and the changings of settings are made rapidly.