Horween, Ever Hopeful, Puts Faith in New Grid Tutors

With all the coaches present the spring football season was opened yesterday afternoon at Soldier's Field with all ceremony. Twenty-nine men reported to Head Coach Arnold Horween '20, at two o'clock and were taken in hand by Mr. Horween and assistants. Equipment was passed out and signed for, and each man was given a printed part to study.

After about an hour and a half which was taken up in preparing the men for the complete ceremonies and arranging costumes and make up, Coach Horween, wearing a conventionalized football costume of green tulle, danced lightly from the locker rooms and took up a position in the center of the stadium field before an impromptu altar of old sweat shirts, piled there for the occasion. With arms raised in the direction of the gas plant he invoked the Goddess Mazuma, Patronesses of Football, with the words, "I am the spirit of good football."

He was closely followed by Captain A. E. French '29, swathed in delicate nile green with an under robe of pink. Captain French, swinging his arms like the wings of a bird, ran lightly forward on his toes. As he circled the altar he chanted "Spring, Spring, Spring. I am the Spirit of Spring." The line candidates as a chorus then marched in under the direction of their vigilant tutors and a brief dance by a pony chorus of the kicking squad followed.

A tableau ended the ceremony when Captain French and Coach Horween clasped hands just out of reach of the flames. Lest any of the spectators should not see the allegory, the fourth assistant manager ran forward and set up at their feet a sign reading "SPRING FOOTBALL".

Coach Horween's syndicated articles on the event will be eagerly awaited.