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Will Talk on School Health Program Tomorrow Afternoon

A lecture on "The School Health Program" will be delivered by Professor C. E. Turner at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Building D of the Harvard Medical School on Longwood Avenue, Boston.

Professor Turner is Associate Professor of Biology and Public Health at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also well known for his work as Chairman of the Health Department of the World Federation of Education Associations. As consultant in Health Education to the director of school hygiene of the city of Boston, he has had wide experience in studying and experimenting with various public school health programs. Two years ago Professor Turner was called to Cleveland, in order to direct the organization of a health educational program for the Cleveland public schools.

Professor Turner will discuss modern developments in the health program of public schools, including sanitation, medical examinations, communicable disease control, and methods for the correction of physical defects. He will also discuss health promotion through training and education.

This lecture is the second of a series of 15 which is being presented to the public by the Faculty of the Medical School.

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