Grapplers Hope to Avenge Defeat of Last Winter--Freshman Dormitory Finals to be Held This Afternoon.

The University wrestling team will open its season with a match with the Columbia University matmen in Hemenway Gymnasium at 8 o'clock tonight. Little is known about the Columbia group, it being the first meet of the season for them also.

Columbia defeated the University team in the meeting last year, and Coach Lewis predicts a close match tonight.

The University lineup follows:

115-pound class: C. G. Chase '30

125-pound class: J. H. Burns '29

135-pound class: J. E. Evans '30

145-pound class: Joseph Lifrak '29

155-pound class: E. C. Sykes '29

165-pound class: G. L. Graves '31

175-pound class: Nathaniel Warner '30

Unlimited class: W. H. Boldt '30

The finals of the Freshman inter-dormitory meet will be held in the Hemenway wrestling room this afternoon.