The Crimson Playgoer

"The Love Doctor" Provides Mild Form of Amusement -- Stage Show Average Met Production

The current offering at the Metropolitan, "The Love Doctor", is neither worse nor better than the ordinary run of Met pictures which is the same as saying that it provides mild entertainment of a very agreeable sort. Richard Dix as the hero, let it be said at once, is not half as bad as he can be, and in fact usually is.

Aside from the actual plot and acting of the picture some very interesting advice is offered to the love-lorn, which ordinarily would be excellent controversial material for Dorothy Dix rather than for her younger male namesake. But this time Richard turns adviser and as might be expected, his excellent counsels are turned against him to his ultimate downfall.

The advice which he offers is as follows: (1) Don't allow the object of your desires to know she or he holds such a position of honor. (2) Make her or him jealous; and (3) Make yourself scarce. The advice certainly sounds good to the unexperienced ear, but it acts as the proverbial boomerang in Richard's case, which is a lucky thing for otherwise the good picture would have to have an unexpected ending and that would obviously be impossible.

The heroine, June Collyer, makes a very pleasant nurse in feature and form, and to our mind the appearance of the leading lady in the average movie is often the deciding factor in placing it on the right or the wrong side of the fence.

As for the rest of the production, "Shanghai Jesters" it, too, is very typical of the Met. Dancing, singing, attempts at humor are all present. And as usual there is one extremely good vaudeville act. This time it is a barrel juggling stunt which would be better if it were alloted more time and space.