Photographs Will be Filed in Widener Archives--The Reproductions May be Purchased by the Public

A permanent photographic record of the Harvard University of 1929 has just been completed for the Publicity Office, and some 70 of the 150 pictures taken will go on exhibition in the Harvard Union Living Room today.

The College has long felt the need of some complete file of the growth of Harvard, and a set of the prints will be deposited among the archives of Widener Library in order that the views of the present Harvard may be available for future generations of Harvard men.

Weber Took Pictures

The pictures are the work of Paul J. Weber of Boston, a specialist in this type of photography. He has made a file of photographs for Dartmouth and many other New England institutions. In 1927 he won the annual prize of the New England Association of photographers for his picture of the Villa d'Esty.

The private Union showing of the prints will continue for one week, preceding a public exhibition in the Fogg Museum, which will open October 28 and last two weeks. The views not included in the Union and Fogg exhibitions will be on file at University Hall B for all interested persons to see.

Arrangements have been made for orders to be taken at the Union for duplicate prints. Pictures of almost all Harvard Buildings, as well as several views of the Charles River and the Yard are included in the exhibition.