Final Decision Not Likely Until End of Month--Has Written Many Works in the Field of Sociology

Dispatches from the University of Minnesota rumor the appointment of Professor Pitirim Sorokin of that institution to a position as Professor of Sociology at Harvard. It was learned last night from unofficial sources that Professor Sorokin's name has been under consideration for a position in the Department of Economics here, but that no final official action is likely to be taken on the matter until the close of this month.

Professor Sorokin has already handed in his resignation from the Western University where he has been a member of the Sociology Department for the past three years, the resignation taking effect at the end of the present academic year. If he is appointed to the Harvard faculty, Professor Sorokin will come to the University next fall to teach Sociology under the department of Economics.

Born in Vologda Province, Russia, in 1889. Professor Sorokin has spend most of his life in Europe, until 1922, when he was exiled from his country by the Soviet government, because of literature which he had published. Educated at the Teachers College and Psycho-Neurological Institute in St. Peters burg, and also at the University of St. Petersburg, he received the degrees of Doctor of Sociology and Master of Criminal Law.

Since 1914, he has devoted a great deal of his time to writing, having published in Russian such books on Sociological subjects as "Crime and Punishment," in 1914; "Leo Tolstoi as a Philosopher," in 1915; "Problems of Social Equality;" "Elements of Sociology;" "Systems of Sociology;" in two volumes; and "Fundamental Problems of Social Pedagogies and Politics."