In the Graduate Schools

Will Meet Winners of Tonight's Case for Finals in January

E. B. Hauley, Jr. 3L and C. A. Howard, Jr. 3L of the Scott Club won the first semi-final round of the Ames Competition in the Law School, defeating E. Darling 3L and C. T. Lane 3L of the Bryce Club last night in the Langdell Court Room.

The Scott Club will meet the winner of tonight's semi-final in the final court in January.

The case was the Attorney General of Ames against the Amesburg Packing Company. The first speaker of the evening, Howard, contended that the maintenance for a short time of a grocery business by a bank is sufficiently within the powers of the bank to allow a contractual recovery by a person furnishing them goods. This was delivered with an extremely clear presentation.

The first speaker for the Bryce Club, Lane, denied the contentions of Howard in an exceptionally brilliant speech. He analyzed his case very well, and answered all questions readily.

Darling, final speaker for the losers, denied that any quasi-contractual recovery may be had, and summed up the case for the state.

Hauley, final speaker of the evening, maintained that a quasi-contractual recovery might be had, and summed up the case for the petitioner.

The decision was given by the Honorable J. A. Lowell '31, United States District Judge for Massachusetts, the Honorable R. P. Dietzman '05, Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals of Kentucky, and the Honorable F. T. Field, Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts.

This evening at 8 o'clock the Warren and Chafee Clubs will argue a case on Corporation Law.