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Purposely we have delayed long in making comment upon the order of a Harvard professor that there be no coughing in his classroom.

We have had an opinion on the matter but it was an opinion so contrary to widely-advertised ones that we hesitated to utter it. Investigation shows us that others believe as we do, namely, that the cough cannot always be controlled. Yet you will find dogmatic persons in robust health who insist it can be controlled. That assertion we deny with all the emphasis of ten-point ink. Some coughs are unnecessary. Others are unavoidable.

There are persons who must he out among people, earning their living or preparing to earn it. If they are considerate of others they will recognize that they have uncontrollable coughs and do everything to prevent contagion. Persons who are not careful should be severely criticized and condemned.

We do rise, however, to the defense of the man or woman of right babbles who had been too long the subject of criticism that is unfair.

However, cough cautiously. Boston Traveler.