The Red and Black


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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

I should like to take exception to Mr. Cohen's statement in Wednesday's CRIMSON that "Mussolini is conducting in this country propaganda foreign to our ideals." Being an Italian-American and in favor of the Fascist movement in Italy I have become nauseated with the repeated gibes and attacks made against a friendly nation without palpable proofs of any kind. I am led to think that those who utter such flimsy assertions act either through malice or dark ignorance.

Personally I have never been approached by anyone who is disseminating this so-called Fascist propaganda, nor have those Italian-American acquaintances of mine who are violently anti-Fascist ever complained to me that the Black Shirts are attempting to overthrow or degrade the pure ideals cherished by Mr. Cohen and his American associates.

Mussolini has explained time and again that Fascism is an entirely Italian product and that it is a silly waste of time for others so endeavor to model their governments along its lines. Only recently the Italian Ambassador to this country, De Martino, has confuted in concise and forceful language the aspersions cast upon the activities of Italian societies and of the Italian government in this country.

Consequently I defy Mr. Cohen to produce any evidence of Fascist propaganda existing in or about Boston. As far as Bolshevist propaganda is concerned I should advise Mr. Cohen to be present at the meetings held by the Bolshevist party on Sunday afternoon at the Boston Common during the summer and during fall: it is there that he will hear revolution preached against the existing government in the U. S. by men whose ideals are utterly un-American.

Doubtless Mr. Cohen's knowledge of the Soviet situation is most profound: but his statements on Mussollni make plain that his knowledge of Fascism in the U. S. is altogether piteous and incomprehensible coming from one who claims to be well versed in international affairs. Joseph F. Solano '30.