Christmas Recess Will Last Until the Third of January--Dean's List to be Extended to Freshmen

The Christmas recess will begin on Monday, December 23, and last through Thursday, January 2, it was announced last night by Dean Hanford. The last date on which classes will be held is Saturday, December 21. Classes not making use of the Reading Period will be resumed on Friday, January 3, 1930. Every student, not on the Dean's List, is required to attend his last College exercise before and his first College exercise after the Christmas recess. By a recent vote of the Administrative Board, students, including Freshmen, whose November records average B or higher may, upon obtaining permission from their respective Assistant Deans, be allowed Dean's List privileges in regard to the extension of the Christmas recess.

Traveling time will be allowed those in good standing whose homes are at a distance from Cambridge. Such students will be permitted to take the last train which will get them home before noon on December 23, the first day of the recess. Students desiring travelling time must obtain permission from their respective Assistant Deans.

Attention is called to the fact that during the first Reading Period, which extends from January 3 to January 15, students are expected to be in Cambridge and are subject to the same rules and regulations as during the terms of formal teaching.