The Student Vagabond


9 o'clock

"Pope: work of early and middle period." Professor Huribut, Emerson.

"Charles Maurras." Professor Morize Sever 17.

10 o'clock

"The Theory of Self Realization." Professor R. B. Perry Emerson A.

"Novelists of the XVII Century." Professor Morize Harvard 6.


10 o'clock

"The Rise of Christianity." Professor Perry Emerson D.

"Caosar." Professor Moore Sever 13.

11 o'clock

"The Temple of Wingless Victory." Professor Chase New Fogg Large Lecture Room.

12 o'clock

"Shelley." Professor Lowes New Fogg Large Lecture Room.

"Napoleon III's Foreign Policy." Professor Langer Harvard 6.

"Transmission of Heat." Professor Black Jefferson 1.