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Harvard's debating season opens on the evening of Saturday, February 9, when the University of Pittsburgh debaters meet the Harvard team. The debate will be held in Paine Hall, Music Building, at 8.15 o'clock. Harvard will support the affirmative of the proposition: "Modern Advertising is detrimental to the interests of society."

Two years ago Harvard defeated the University of Pittsburgh, supporting the proposition: "Education is the Curse of the Age". In view of the fact that it is necessary to choose the team for the coming debate immediately, the Debating Council will select the men for the coming forensic duel today at the scheduled meeting, instead of holding the customary try-outs. The debaters will be chosen from among the more experienced members of the Debating Council. The midyear examinations prevented the Council from holding the regular try-outs. The Council regrets the necessity for eliminating the try-outs in selecting men to debate against the University of Pittsburgh team, but this was unavoidable because of the impossibility of holding them during the examination period.

Trials for the Marquette, Williams, and University of Pennsylvania debates will be held the week after the Pittsburgh debate. All men who argue against Marquette, Williams, or Penn automatically become eligible for the try-outs to be held early in March, from which the teams making the dual Spring trip will be chosen. In order to become eligible for the Spring tryouts, candidates for the team must have participated in at least one University debate.

The Marquette debate will be held at Harvard on February 20 and the University of Pennsylvania debate, on February 23. The Williams debate takes place at Williams College on February 25

The plan for the selection of the teams, to make the dual Spring trip, was announced last night. This dual trip will extend as far west as Des Moines, Iowa, and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia. Two teams will leave at the same time, one for the western tour, the other for the southern trip. The teams will be chosen during the first week in March by a board of judges which will probably include Celian Ufford '19, instructor in public speaking at Harvard, and E. M. Rowe '27. Both are coaches of the Harvard Debating Council. The judges will choose the team first of all upon their knowledge of the debators' ability, as evidenced in former debates, and secondly, upon the showing the candidates make in the short series of trials to be held in the early part of March.

The propositions which the Harvard teams will support in the Spring trip have also been determined by the Council. The most popular is the following subject: "Resolved, That modern woman is a curse." The other two subjects are: "Resolved, That 'loyalty' is the curse of the American college," and "Resolved, That the present jury system should be abolished." These subjects were chosen after much discussion on the part of the Council, which determined the subjects for all the coming debates at a recent meeting

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