Class Ballot Shows Majority in Favor of Continuing Tradition--Vogel is Appointed Chairman

It has been definitely decided that the Junior Dance will be held in the Harvard Union on March 15, W. D. Vogel '30, chairman of the dance committee, announced last night. A committee of eight has been picked, and further details will be gone over at a meeting to be held this afternoon. Contrary to precedent, there will be no boxes this year.

These decisions were reached after a debate of nearly a month's duration during which a vote was taken to determine the attitude of the Junior Class towards the dance. This referendum showed that the majority of the class favored the perpetuation of the tradition, and G. C. Holbrook '30, class president, appointed Vogel chairman of the Dance Committee.

Most of the discussion has centered around the location of the dance, many men feeling that Memorial Hall was neither large nor attractive enough for a social affair of this magnitude. These objections are largely done away with by holding the dance in the Union, although there has been some agitation for a Boston ball-room.

The boxes which have formerly been occupied by the more exclusive revellers have been done away with this year, making this year's dance even more complete as an innovation. The date has been postponed until the middle of March because the controversy has somewhat delayed preparations.

The committee selected by Vogel yesterday consists of the following men:

R. H. O'Connell '30, L. W. Dickey '30, E. T. Batchelder '30, K. W. Pendar '31, Craige Wylie '31, R. W. Barrett '31, W. R. Harper '30, W. P. Lage '30.