Giddens Stars as Six Noses Out Former College Players--Team Journeys to Philadelphia Tomorrow

In a contest marked by both good and bad brands of hockey, the Harvard sextet nosed out the University Club by a 2 to 1 score in the Boston Garden last night. The victory put the Crimson skaters one up on the Clubmen for the season's series.

The former college stars went into the lead in the first period when Clark Hodder '25, former University captain, intercepted a Harvard pass a few feet from the mouth of the Crimson cage and drove the puck past O. P. Jackson '29. The University skaters outplayed their opponents throughout this frame, but were unable to capitalize any of their scoring opportunities. F. R. G. Giddens '30 swooped down the ice time and again but was unable to fool Learnard, the University Club goalie.

The second period found Harvard milling around deep in its opponent's territory, maintaining a steady fire on the enemy cage. With the stanza half gone, Giddens took a pass from A. S. Bigelow '30, weaved his way from right to left clear of the points, and sent the disc into the net on a backhand shot to knot the count.

Players were sprawled all over the ice throughout the majority of the final period as both aggregations made fierce attempts to break the deadlock A. S. Bigelow sallied down twice to pass out, and on the second assault John Cross '30 received the puck for a beautiful clear drive, but Learnard blocked. With only four minutes left to play, Giddens stick-handled his way down the center lane and, as he reached the University Club defensemen, flipped the rubber back of him to E. T. Putnam '30, who scored on a sharply-angled shot. From then until the final bell, there was a wild scramble in front of the Crimson cage, as the five-man University Club attack vainly attempted to overcome Harvard's winning lead.

The summary: HARVARD  UNIVERSITY CLUB Stanley, Cross, l.w.  r.w., Everett, Blaney Putnam, Garrison, c.  c., Chase, Blaney Giddens, Lakin, r.w.  l.w., Hodder, Hilliard H. Bigelow, Batchelder, l.d.  r.d., Fitzgerald, Cole A. Bigelow, Batchelder, r.d.  l.d., Perry, Crosby, Clark, Pratt Jackson, g.  g., Learnard

Score--Harvard 2, University Club 1. Goals--First period: Hodder (9.48). Second period: Giddens (11.06). Third period Putnam (16.08). Penalties--Garrison (tripping); Hodder (tripping); H. Bigelow (holding); Hilliard (cross check); Crosby (roughness); H. Bigelow (roughness); Perry (board check); Crosby (tripping); H. Bigelow (interference); Putnam (tripping); Hilliard (tripping); Clark (slashing). Referees--Smith and Morrissey. Time--Three 20 minute periods.