The Student Vagabond

Just about once in every New England winter the Vagabond is inspired with a desire to break away from his customary urban surroundings and restore his vigor by a few days in the snowy open spaces. This year the attack was so long delayed the Vagabond thought an immunity had been established, but last Thursday's blizzard made Cambridge look so unlike its customary rather grimy self that yesterday he sallied forth. To spare the more gruesome details, the morning's jaunt on snowshoes managed to give him a very intimate acquaintance with the snow by tripping him up every time one of the attractions of nature he had come to see drew his attention away from a fixed spot about two feet in front of him. Skating was out of the question because the pond was buried so deep in snow his hosts did not even know where to start looking for it, and the afternoon spent on skis made the Vagabond wish he had included a few lectures on his list which would have explained the technique of extricating oneself from an inverted position in a six-foot snow drift with grace and precision.

Discretion got the upper hand over his enthusiasm before it was too late to catch the last train back to Boston, and the evening was spent quietly reading a South Sea island story in his suite in the tower of Memorial Hall. So the annual fever has come and gone and left only a few bruises and the regret that he had not had the sense to buy earmuffs.


9 o'clock

"Sensations of the Skin and Body", Professor Boring, Emerson D.

10 o'clock

"Thoreau", Professor Murdock, Harvard 2.

"Chopin and the Pianoforte", Professor Spaulding, Music Building.

"The Rationalization of Conscience", Professor Perry, Emerson A.

"Russia's Advance in Asia in the XIV century", Professor Karpovich, Sever 25.

"Minimum Wage Legislation", Professor Persons, Harvard 3.

"The Political Theory of John Adams", Professor Wright, Sever 19.

"The Geneva Arbitration", Professor Baxter, Harvard 2.

11 o'clock

"Brants Narrenschiff", Professor Howard, Sever 6.

"John Marshall and Federal Supremacy", Professor Elliott, Harvard 2.

12 o'clock

"Songs of Debussy", Professor Hill, Music Building.