Meet Powerful Bruin Aggregation at Providence--Opponents Defeated the Blue Wrestlers

With a record of two victories and two defeats, the University wrestling team journeys to Providence this afternoon for a match with Brown University this evening.

Brown is regarded as the most redoubtable opponent on the Crimson schedule. The general belief that the Rhode Islanders always turn out good gapplers is substantiated this year by the fact that they have defeated Yale. The match will prove a real test for the Harvard team, which is to meet the Blue on March 9.

The Crimson wrestlers lost their most recent match to a powerful Tufts team last Tuesday by a 21 to 15 score. Although the lightweights failed to score victories, Captain Joseph Lifrak '29, W. A. Robinson '31, and Nathaniel Warner '30 won the bouts in the 145-pound, 155-pound, and unlimited classes respectively, and may be counted upon to offer sturdy opposition to the Brown matmen.

The lineup of the Harvard team follows:

115-pound class: C. G. Chase '30

125-pound class: J. H. Burns '29

135-pound class: J. E. Evans '30

145-pound class: Captain Joseph Lifrak '29

155-pound class: W. A. Robinson '31

165-pound class: Dudley Davis Jr '31

175-pound class: D. J. Orgain '31

Unlimited class: Nathaniel Warner '30