Upperclassmen Will Assemble at 5 O'clock in Common Room-1932 Men Meet at 7 O'clock

The 1929 crew season will get underway at 5 o'clock this afternoon with a meeting of all upper class crew men in Smith Halls Common Room. The Freshman season will also be inaugurated by a meeting at 7 o'clock.

F. A. Clark '29, captain of the University crew, will address the assembled rowers and he will be followed by E. J. Brown '96, University coach, H. H. Haines, Freshman mentor, F. R. Sullivan '27, coxswain of the 1927 University eight, C. H. Pforzheimer '28, coxswain of last year's University crew, and G. G. Benedict '23, assistant dean.

Training will commence immediately with work in the tank at regular times, but crews will probably not get out on the Charles River until early in March. Five members of last year's first crew, in addition to Clark, will be on hand tonight. They are Guy Murchie '29, C. E. Mason '30, W. T. Emmett '29, L. W. Dickey '30, and J. de W. Bubbard '29. From the second University crew there will be James Lawrence, Jr. '29, Allerton Cushman '29, B. J. Harrison '29, A. A. Campbell '30, C. McK. Norton '29, M. R. Brownell '20, and A. T. Gray '30.

There are but three coxswains who have had much experience now in the upper classes, since both Pforzheimer, University coxswain, and R. W. Herr '28, Jayvee steersman, graduated last year. The experienced coxswains are L. L. Wadsworth '30, coxswain of the 150 pound crew last year, E. L. Belisle '31, steersman of the Freshman eight and the Olympic four-oared crews last year, and Richard Kimball '31, coxswain of the 1928 combination crew.

It was learned yesterday that a survey is being made of the Charles River Basin in order to secure a course nearer the Boston side where the water is more calm. If its is possible to do so, a two mile course without any curves may be laid out starting near the new Cottage Farm Bridge and ending at the Cambridge Bridge. The present course is one and three quarter miles in length.