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Scientific boxing was somewhat absent from the trials of the annual University tournament which were held last night; but all the contestants went at each other with murder in their eyes, and all in all furnished some exciting three-round bouts which kept the gallery of 300 people in a constant uproar. Seven matches were staged; the winners, together with those who drew byes yesterday, will square off in the finals on Thursday to decide the championships.

The first two bouts of the evening were uninteresting. G. M. Gaeton '32 defeated Arnold Aronson '32; and following this W. M. Leaf 2G and R. L. Tracy '32 capered around the ring hurling wild and generally harmless blows at each other. Leaf won by decision.

Wins On Points

J. W. Fellows '30 opened the real action when he mixed up with R. W. Hale Jr. '30 in a fast and deadly-earnest bout. At the sound of the bell, Fellows charged viciously into Hale with rapid blows, then, as he came into closer range, pummeled his opponent with jabs. In the second round Hale seemed to be gaining control of the tide of battle; Fellows had resorted to his shifting, defensive tactics and let himself be chased around the canvas, with Hale pursuing him and dealing out punishment. In the final period, however, the contest turned into a mauling, with Fellows scoring enough points to win.

Draws First Blood

Starting off as a dull match, the one between G. H. Nawn '32 and D. P. Ketcham '32 quickly developed into a regular slugfest. Neither man used much footwork, but both closed in and exchanged heavy body pokes. At the end of the third round Nawn was a mass of red welts, but still unconquered despite the fearful punishment he had taken. The match went to an extra period, where Nawn, rallying valiantly, overwhelmed Ketcham for the victory.

W. A. Robinson '31 and F. M. Brodie '32 put on the strangest bout of the evening. Brodie started off like a whirlwind; and by the end of the first round had Robinson groggy and down. The latter recovered, however, in the following period, took the lead, and forged ahead. He kept his new advantage in the last round by telling blows to Brodie's body, and finished with apparently more strength than his Freshman opponent.

No Knockouts Occur

There were no knockouts; the nearest approach was a technical one awarded to I. B. Light 21, over A. A. Cowan 2L. At first Cowan seemed to have Light on the defense, but in the second round he was down three times before Referee John Martin stopped the bout.

The summaries:

125-pound class: Gaeton defeated Aronson and Leaf defeated Tracy by judges' decision.

135-pound class: Fellows defeated Hale, Johnston defeated De Pietro, and Nawn defeated Ketcham by judges' decision.

160-pound class: Robinson defeated Brodie by judges decision; Light defeated Cowan on a technical knock-out in the second round.

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