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By R. T. S.

Patrons of the University Theatre will welcome the auspicious debut of the "talkie" in Harvard Square, especially if succeeding talking pictures are up to the standard of "Weary River", the current photoplay. Richard Barthelmess's pleasing singing voice is not marred in its new medium: Betty Compson's femininity is enhanced by the liquid notes falling from her sultry lips. The orchestral accompaniment adds to the realism of this juxtaposition of hard-boiled night life on Broadway and the reformatory influences of Sing Sing prison.

Barthelmess reveals his usual adeptness at being able to throw off the rhinoceros skin of gangster vice, and Miss Compson becomes a good girl after many revelations of body lines and wetting of luxurious lashes. Any Senior will forget his imminent divisional.

Those who prefer the old order will find "Geraldine" as interesting a picture, in its way, as the feature it is a variation of the old theme a very plain girl is shown how to become very lovely and things begin to happen.

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