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Stanley Wyman Swaim '31, stroke of last year's Freshman eight, will set the pace of the University crew in the first race of the season against M. I. T. on May 4, according to an announcement made by Coach E. J. Brown '96 shortly after the two University crews had engaged in a mile and three quarter race in the Charles River Basin on Saturday afternoon. Swaim stroked the losing crew in the trial over the full distance, but his rowing was of such merit that Coach Brown selected him in preference to P. H. Watts '31, who fixed the beat for the winning eight.

Because of the fact that Saturday's trial was rowed at a relatively low stroke. Coach Brown will hold over the selection of his first and second eights until tomorrow when he will send the two crews over the course with admonitions to cover the distance in the shortest possible time. The competition for berths is close and it is necessary to see the men row under pressure in order to judge them to advantage.

It was also announced after Saturday's race that L. L. Wadsworth '30, and E. L. Belisle '31, had been selected to compete for the berth of University coxswain. Five coxswains have been vying for the helmsmain's position, but the choice has now narrowed down to these two, although Richard Kimball '31, who has been absent through illness during the past week, will have another chance at the job when he returns.

The first University crew will have but ten days in which to round into form before the race with the Engineers, who inaugurated their season on Saturday with a three length victory over the Navy eight on the Severn. This was the first Technology win over the Middles in nine years of racing and it portends that the Crimson oarsmen have no easy time ahead.

The seatings of the crews Saturday were as follows:

Crew X--Stroke, S. W. Swaim '31; 7, W. T. Emmett '29; 6, F. A. Clark 29; 5, James Lawrence Jr. '29; 4, C. E. Mason '30; 3, M. R. Brownell '30; L. E. T. Sturges '29; bow, J. W. Hallowell '31; cox, M. T. Nichols '31.

Crew Y--Stroke, P. H. Watts '31; 7, A. B. Rood '31; 6, B. J. Harrison '29; 5, M. M. Johnson '31; 4, A. N. Webster 31; 3, L. W. Dickey '30; 2, R. L. McKesson '31; bow, Allerton Cushman '29; cox, E. L. Belisle '31.

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