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Under the provisions of the Milton Fund, 41 members of the teaching staff of Harvard University have been granted awards, totalling more than $58,000, to enable them to carry on research during the coming year, it was announced yesterday at University Hall. In addition, almost $5,000 has been awarded for research during 1930-1931.

Harvard received the legacy in 1924, and the recent awards will enable a larger number of research projects to be undertaken than ever before.

Grants have been given to the following men for the objects specified.

W. C. Abbott, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of History, to permit him to prepare for publication in book form his studies in British and United States archives on politics and population in the seventeenth century.

I. W. Bailey '07, Professor of Plant Anatomy, to study the cytology of living cambium and differentiated tissues.

G. P. Baxter '97, Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry, for two years, to enable him to continue a study of the temperature of the ice-point on the absolute scale.

Bancroft Beatley '15, Assistant Professor of Education, to enable him to complete a study of pupil achievement in junior high schools.

Raoul Blanchard, Professor of Geography, to make in Eastern Canada a geographical inquiry from a human and economic point of view.

P. W. Bridgman '04, Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, to enable him to continue investigations on the properties of matter under high pressure.

E. L. Chaffee, Professor of Physics, and Theodore Lyman '97, Director of the Jefferson Physical Laboratory, for an investigation of light sources and apparatus for isolating portions of the spectrum.

L. R. Cleveland, Assistant Professor of Protozoology, to permit him to study the relation of protozoa in vivo and in vitro to bacteria, and the life cycles of amoebae.

A. H. Cole, Associate Professor of Economics, to allow him to trace geographical variations of commodity prices from 1790 to 1860, and to direct specific attention to the history of commodity prices in New England in order to establish a commodity price index for that area.

W. J. Crozier, Professor of General Physiology, for a study of the nature of central nervous processes.

C. L. Dawes, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, for a study of the electrical characteristics of fenised gas films.

J. R. Derby, Instructor in English, to assist in the preparation for publication of a definitive account of the life of Francis, Lord Jeffrey, 1773 1850 (Editor of "Edinburgh Review" 1803-1892).

William Duane '93, Professor of Bio-Physics, to continue researches on the physical properties of radiation, and on certain physical characteristics of living tissues.

E. M. East, Professor of Genetics, for genetic researches on the genera Nico tiana and Fragaria.

M. L. Fernald '97, Fisher Professor of Natural History to be used in connection with the further investigation of the relic floras of Newfoundland.

C. J. Friedrich, Assistant Professor of Government, to provide teaching relief for him and to assist in defraying living and other expenses in connection with his preparation of a new Latin (and possibly an English) edition of Johannes Althusius' "Politica Methodice Digesta".

N. F. Hall, Instructor in Chemistry, to be used to secure the services of an assistant and to pay for supplies to investigate the nature of acidity.

Leigh Hoadley, Assistant Professor of Zoology, to study the early onto-genetic phenomena associated with embryonic segregation with special reference to vertebrates.

H. V. Hubbard '97, Professor of Landscape Architecture, to complete for publication a survey and analysis of city planning and zoning progress in the United States.

Grinnell Jones, Associate Professor of Chemistry, to continue his investigation of the properties of solutions, inasmuch as moving his laboratory and

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