Enthusiasm ran high at the Big Tree Pool yesterday afternoon when the championship division of the University swimming meet was held before a large gallery which crowded the building. Forty men competed, including the stars of the fraternity and Freshman contests last week; but the honors of the day went to W. S. de Lima '31, holder of many amateur titles, who made his first appearance in races here this year and captured the 100 and 200-yard free style events.

Among the features of the meet were some of the plunges in the diving "S". Four dives were specified, while four were optional and inspired splendid exhibitions. Sidney Bluhm '32, with 56.5 points, barely edged out J. S. Hartwell '32, with 53 points, for first place.

The 100-yard breast stroke saw a hard fight between G. M. Rae 1L and R. L. Vonckx '31. For three-quarters of the distance they raced neck and neck; a final spurt by Rae finally gave him a six-inch lead which resulted in his victory.

Closest of all was the 50-yard free style event. In one of the four sheats the fast time of 26.2 seconds was turned in; while in the finals not more than a foot separated the first three men, W. S. Meany 1L, H. de W. Wood '30, and Stanley Harris '29.

The summaries:

100-yard relay: Won by Harris, de Lima, Jonathan Story Jr. '30, and T. B. Quigley '29; second, Stannard Dunn 3L, E. J. Greenberg '32, Meany, and E. A. Hill 2L; third, T. F. McGuane '31. Wood, W. R. Timken '32, and D. S. Greer '29.

Diving "S": Won by Bluhm with 56.5 points; second, Hartwell with 53 points; third. Greer with 51.7 points.

50-yard free style: Won by Meany; second, Wood; third, Harris, Time: 27 sec.

100-yard back stroke: Won by Bill; second, Fred Lewis '31; third, R. McN. Cochran 2GB, Time: 1 min. 17.2 sec.

200-yard free style: Won by de Lima; second, Timken; third, Hartwell, Time: 2 min. 15 sec.

100-yard breast stroke: Won by Rae; second, Vonckx; third, L. E. Putnam '30, Time: 1 min. 16.1 sec.

100-yard free style: Won by de Lima, second, Wood; third, Harris, Time: 1 min. 4.2 sec.

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